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Seishun- High Application -  Yamachi Inuoka by mitomitori99 Seishun- High Application -  Yamachi Inuoka by mitomitori99
                                                                          application for :iconseishun-high: uvu


Yamachi Inuoka


Inuka, Lady Boss, Inuyasha



Date of Birth

26 Aug (National Dogs Day)




Martial Arts





50 kg


Matter Ingestion

Whereby Inuoka is able to ingest most forms of matter (excluding things like poisons or lava, or forms of matter than are not tangible e.g light) and gain superhuman strength and speed after ingesting a certain amount. This mode will only last for about 4 minutes at her current level, depending on what she ate and how much she ate. However, she will collapse and become very exhausted after she is out of the mode. She will also grow extremely hungry for the next 24 hours.


Spiked Bat

If they're staying at the boarding part of the school or going home everyday: Boarding

Sexual Preference

Heterosexual, but is willing to experiment

Amount of Royal Points





| Aloof | Loyal | Quick- tempered | Caring | Strong- willed| Blunt |

Aloof | Blunt
At first, Inuoka will seem like the type who should have likely dropped out of school by this stage, especially so with her Yakuza family background. This is especially highlighted by her emotional distance towards her peers. (or maybe it’s because of her intimidating aura that she gives off). But if you can get past that barrier, there comes her bluntness. Ask her about anything, and she’ll likely give you one- word responses or a phrase, at best. Not that she hates you (unless you look at her weirdly or piss her off really), she just isn’t the type to be bothered with most things.

Quick-tempered | Strong- willed

Just one wrong look could either give you a broken jaw or intimidation, depending on Inuoka’s mood. She is the type who is quick to judge, and for the most part, it doesn’t end well. This does work to her advantage at battle though, since she can be quick to judge your next move by your positioning and what not.

Another thing about Inuoka is that she’d rather work at her own pace, even if it might wind up landing her in trouble with the authorities. Though most call it being rebellious, she prefers to refer to it as “her own tempo” or just being ‘determined’. Of course, it’s not like she goes out of her way to cause trouble, but trouble seems to like to find her.

Loyal | Caring

If you’ve became her friend, I must congratulate you. But really, Inuoka is a very loyal person and can wind up fighting your fights for you. Even if you were to get into legal trouble, she would still follow you (not like it’s anything that new for her). If anyone badmouths you, there goes their jaw for the next month or so. She’ll also likely go out of her way to ensure your safety and comfort, you would likely rank slightly higher than her own needs by then.


Ever since she was born, Inuoka was surrounded by men, generally men who are wanted by the law. Her mother left her family under ‘mysterious circumstances’, which still bothers her up to this day. But because of her household, Inuoka grown up being a lot more rough around the edges and quite vulgar for her age. Not that her father really minds though, but he does care for Inuoka greatly. In fact, you could say that it was this care that allowed her quite a fair bit of freedom in school (after a certain heated discussion between him and the various headmasters at her various schools).

At home, she does have quite a few older brothers who care for her when her father is not around. They treat her very well and more or less treat her as if she was a brother, really. Never did they once think of treating her badly, nor did they really care that much for treating her like a princess though. They saw her simply as an equal, as family should be loved and protected, and Inuoka treated them the same. Really, she was very close with whatever family she had left. (This has also caused a few aesthetic changes in her though i.e her short and messy hair and has left her much more masculine than what is generally socially acceptable)

Of course,it was Inuoka’s household that became quite a hot topic of gossip ever since she entered elementary school. Most parents forbade their children to befriend or get close to her, and she was generally made fun of for not having a complete family. Inuoka was still rather young to fully grasp why they were mocking her, but she did feel rather hurt about her mother. What she did know how to do though, was to silence through her fists. It was this behaviour that caused her to have to change school so often. Because of this, Inuoka grew estranged from most and had difficulties making friends or keeping them, if she ever met the kind and resilient soul who could stand her.

Currently, her father had placed her in Seishun, in hopes of Inuoka being able to learn how to live by herself and hopefully, just maybe she would make some actual friends. Also because he had to keep a low profile due to some major trouble (and the law getting quite close to capturing him) and did not want to cause Inuoka trouble by jeopardising her future any further. Maybe, just maybe, her future would not be so bleak and he could finally make up for his mistakes in the past. Thus, she was placed under a guardian’s care as he would not be able to care for her, however she will live in the dorms. Inuoka has already been informed of this (except that part about him nearly getting capturing, for that would only add even more stress to her) and intends on carrying out her father’s wishes.


+ Being with actual friends/ company

+ Having power or freedom

+ Fighting/ Brawling

+ Being pet on the head

+ Her family



- Talking about her past

- Anyone touching her without permission

- Rules that do not really benefit her

- Anyone who messes with her family and/or friends

- Confinement


(so far)

Father (MIA)

Her main parental figure, She is thankful for what he has done for her, and hates it when people insinuate that he is a bad father. She is still a bit unable to accept it when people point out any of his flaws, as she sees him as her main role model (in certain attributes e.g how caring and gentle he can be, his strength). She (partially) understands why he went missing, and respects his intentions. As someone who has seen what the law can do, she’d rather her father go missing for a few years than have him dead.

(always free to add more, just hit me up for an rp! i rp via note, comment, skype, chat and kik! don't be scared to hit me up for a rp i don't bite cant say the same about Inuoka thouvu)


- She has a bit of a softer spot towards girls.

- Her brothers have more or less went their own ways, with only her younger brother under the guardian’s care.

- Has a short fluffy tail but generally tucks in under her skirt.

- Scars and scratches came from her previous fights, one winded up docking her right ear slightly.


aaa i hope this is fine ;v;;;

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Prussian-Kiwi Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Inuoka is a really neat character~! If I'm able to get in the group, I'll definately wanna rp with you ^-^
mitomitori99 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ahh thanks much!! ;w;; I look forward to our rps in the future when you're accepted into the group owo
Prussian-Kiwi Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome ^-^
and I can't wait either~
takarayume Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hnngh she sounds like a fun character ahah~ <33 Welcome to the group~ <33 :iconyaygilbirdplz:
mitomitori99 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
aaa thanks much!! uvu my app is still in the pending apps section, so i'm not really that sure whether i'm actually in yet... ;w;;;
takarayume Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hnngh I see---well--when you do~ feel free to just note me if you're ever up to rp~ e u e ))b
mitomitori99 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
alright, i'll be sure to take note of it!! ouo
takarayume Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hehe~~ hai hai~~ :iconsaluteplz:
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